Wi-Fi identity platform as a service.

modern dashboard with mobile login page

Offering free Wi-Fi to keep your customer stay with you a little bit longer.

Collect data and use it as a tools for customer engagement.
Display your brand's message through the splash page.
Identify and collect data, help them to connect internet more easier.
Serve your brand content based on customer preference.
Get more insight from your customer data.
Find out your royalty customer and interact with them.

Our Services

Cloud RADIUS Server
Provides AAA function for internet access control over the cloud.
Cloud Dashboard
User management, analytics, content management is available in the cloud.
External Captive Portal
Customable captive portal that meets a corporate requirements.
Remote Traffic Log Server
Provides servers and storage to keep up internet logs for a 90 days.

Key Benefits

Portalista is a software as a service. Pay per use. No one pre-mise hardware is required.
Cloud Service
Management plane is on the cloud, Dashboard can be accessed from any where.
Multi-level Permission
Custom an access permission for each staff to manage vanue, policy and splash page.
Multi-vendors Support
Compatible well-known Access Point vendors.
APIs Driven
API enabled. Can integrated with 3rd party system, e.g. POS, CRM.
Location Awareness
Managed clients, devices from multiple sites in single dashboard.
Enterprise solutions that made available for everyone.